41 years of Service

It’s tradition in many towns to get a ride home on a Fire Truck the day of your retirement.

Everyone says that public service is a thankless job. You usually only hear from people when they have a complaint. You must make difficult and unpopular decisions for the greater good. You are subject to more public scrutiny and held to higher level of standard than most people. Mayor Gary Rupprecht proudly served the City and its resident for 41 years. During his four decades as Mayor, he spoke with thousands of people, welcomed hundreds of conventions and conferences to town, and performed more than 300 wedding ceremonies. He fielded tough questions from upset residents and faced controversial decisions from Walmart to water agreements. And whenever your elected official is married, you really have to acknowledge the heavy lifting that the spouse takes on as well.  I think I’m safe in saying that Gary and Barb were quite the duo and she took her role as seriously as he did.

I’ve never held elected office so I can’t know for sure, but I know I work in the public sector because at the end of the day I want to do the greatest good. I imagine for elected officials like Mayor Rupprecht, it has to be the same, because it’s not the pay (City Council members earn $5 per regular meeting – that’s $60 a year).

Last night was Mayor Rupprecht’s (Rupp-as everyone says) last time presiding over City Council. We are blessed to have such tenure and service on our City Council – Rupp, and others. Last night was also our last time at City Council with Councilman Joe Cramer and Michael Southgate. We are fortunate to have more residents interested in serving. The City runs on public servants and engaged residents – and we are better for it. If you see him or other past Council members out in town – be sure to say thanks. They’ll appreciate it.

Our last night serving with (left to right) Councilman Michael Southgate, Mayor Gary Rupprecht and Councilman Joe Cramer.
Interested in getting involved in the City but not sure where to start? Email me and I’ll give you some ideas.


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  1. Jeffrey M Hugo says:

    Well said! Congrats Rupp!


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