Spend your money wisely

Tomorrow is “Shop Small Saturday.” Though I have known about the event for a number of years, I didn’t truly appreciate what it can mean until I learned a valuable lesson from my daughter Grace.

When I asked Grace if she had a picture of herself at work, this is what she gave me. She’s Boo Boo.

(There are dozens of reasons it benefits the community and you can read more about it here.)

She has worked a summer job at Jellystone since she was 15. Last year we were at some City function and I was surprised that she knew so many of the local business owners. Later that night I asked her how she knew what I thought was an odd collection of small business people and probably people that an average freshman in college would not know.

Her answer: “They buy propane at Jellystone.”

I’m sure you can appreciate that locals probably don’t visit Frankenmuth Jellystone often for camping reasons. But these business owners find a way to support other small local businesses. And it goes back to something that we’ve probably been told – don’t do what’s easy, do what’s right. And maybe that means thinking a little harder about where we spend our $20.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m an Amazon Prime member and there’s something to be said about shopping in your pajamas from home. But ever since I heard the propane tank story, I’m trying harder to shop purposefully rather than conveniently.

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