Lights in 3…2…1…

Ryan Kahn, one of newest employees at Public Works, gets an introduction to decorating the City

Halloween is over, it snowed and so that means it’s time for Christmas. You have probably noticed crews from both the City and our contractor, Scott’s Tree Service, hanging decorations and readying our City for the holidays. Tonight – the switch officially flips and the lights go on. It is the generosity and funding from the City Beautification Committee and the Downtown Development Authority that makes this happen.

This year, as with last year, you will notice some new decorations. They are located:

  • Near the bus garage on E. Genesee (barrel skaters)
  • Near the three public schools (hot air balloons)
  • on the former School Haus Square property on Main Street (soliders on parade)
  • Near the Woodcarvers Pavilion on Main Street south of the river (Hansel and Gretel)
  • Cross Park and near Granpa Tiny’s Farm (wild life: deer, elk and moose)
  • Scout Park at Flint and Jefferson (Gnomes)

The new decorations were gifted to our City Beautification Committee for display in Frankenmuth. The committee received the gift late last summer and started the work of updating the displays. In order to display the new lighted decorations in a cost efficient way, they all had to be “re-lamped.” That means volunteers worked to remove the old light bulbs and replace them with new, LED bulbs. While the LED bulbs are more expensive, the power use is significantly less and so is maintenance and longevity. Several businesses also have adopted different displays and upgraded the bulbs – including Frankenmuth Credit Union, Uptown North Main, DaVinci’s, Air Advantage, the Uptown Shops and Star of the West.

On the north end of town, you will see new tree displays in front of Bavarian Mall and Mike Young GMC Pontiac.

All of these new decorations will continue to IMG_0411enhance the area and build on last year’s improvements – including the the lighted trees from the River to Tuscola (placed with the generosity of the McClellan family). The nativity at Dehmel and Genesee Street is not yet installed due to the corn still in the field.

The City Beautification Committee is a 100% volunteer board that works in partnership with the DDA, the City, the Chamber of Commerce and local organizations. The CBC contributes to the cost of decorating for Christmas (with substantial help from the DDA) but also works to make Frankenmuth beautiful all four seasons. You can find more on the CBC here.

Do you have thoughts about how we decorate? Have a spare $20 that you’d like to donate to the CBC? I can help you with both those things, just send me an email or stop in.


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