What it’s like to live in ‘Muth

I’m sure people have asked you this before – “what is it really like to live in Frankenmuth?” It can be difficult to answer simply. But sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Halloween this year I think provides the answer to what life can be like in the ‘muth. The weather was perfect, City officers were passing out candy in neighborhoods. Firefighters were at the Station.  Frankenmuth Noon Rotary was running games inside the Fire Station. Parks and Recreation provided “Monster Mash” on endless loop.

It was the special, small-town-can’t-believe-it’s-real kind of night. And that is what it is like to live in ‘Muth:

  • a little surreal
  • a little unbelievable
  • a lot small town

This sort of stuff doesn’t just happen – it’s because of people who care. So if you see your Firefighters, Police Officers and Frankenmuth Noon Rotary members – say thanks. It’s the people who help keep things like this growing and evolving. Want to talk about ways we can work to ensure that we have more days and nights like this? Give me a call or email me. I’m also trying to convince City Staff to dress up for next Halloween so if you have good group costume ideas, send them along.

FPD with a future recruit
Former Fire Chief John Deterding, his wife and other firefighters passing out candy in front of the Station
Volunteers from Frankenmuth’s Noon Rotary organizing games and passing out donuts and juice in the Fire Station.



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