Put our money where your project is

It’s almost the end of the construction season so that means that we are planning next year’s work. By state law, the City is required to assemble and adopt a five year capital improvements plan (CIP). We have been working on making this plan less of a wish list, and more of a to do list. The intent is that after several months of working on this CIP, the projects that we have identified for Beacon installationcompletion this year – will be constructed in the following fiscal year (fiscal year or budget years for the City run from July 1 to June 30).

There’s a laundry list of projects that span from next year to beyond 2023. We think we know work that needs to be done in the City – but we want to hear from you. As we assemble project costs and estimates, is there some physical improvement (sidewalks, street repairs, storm drain, etc.) that we need to consider? You have some time to think about it. We are gathering project ideas and getting cost estimates now. The plan will be introduced to the Planning Commission in October but not adopted until December. If you ever wanted to tell the City how to spend your tax dollars – this is your opportunity.

Send us your ideas. As we finalize a draft of the plan, we will share it with you to see if our priorities line up.


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  1. Marie Koch says:

    Please redo the entrance in to Oxford Knoll Ct.
    The landscaping near the river by the fish ladder is showing signs of wear and tear.
    Brick cross ways aren’t holding up huge bumps!
    Check out junction and 83(7-11)
    Also by Fenton furniture
    We really do have an amazing town.😀


    1. You’ve got a good eye – the crosswalks on Tuscola and Jefferson are on our list. Hopefully in 2019. We are working on a plan to address those brick crosswalks. And we know that Oxford Knoll isn’t perfect but we don’t have a good solution(at least not yet). When you talk about the landscaping near the fish passage – what area in particular are you talking about? Down by the river or somewhere else?


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