A different kind of infrastructure

neighborhoodAs a City we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about infrastructure. It’s the constant maintenance and the little things that happen incrementally that help make our community so wonderful. But there is a different kind of infrastructure that is at play in our fair city – social infrastructure – the health, wellness and vibrancy of the people who live here.

How do you maintain good social infrastructure? First, talk to each other.  Second, don’t stop making an effort. Just like “real” infrastructure – our social fabric is never going to be good enough to say we’re finished.   Tomorrow- September 28 is “Good Neighbor Day.”  Take an extra minute on good neighbor day and well, be one. Check in with your neighbors. Find out what’s going on.  In this day and age sometimes we are so focused on nuances that set us apart that we forget we really are more alike than we know. In a small town like Frankenmuth that’s even more true. It doesn’t matter if you were born here, if your parents were born here too or if you moved to town two years ago. We all choose to be here. And that’s a good common ground to start with.  It’s this type of small town, social infrastructure that keeps Frankenmuth special and keeps us moving forward.

Want to chat about other ways to be neighborly? Let me know.



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