Sometimes what we think will work, doesn’t

solutionsAlthough government usually doesn’t advertise it, sometimes our solutions aren’t as effective as we hope. A few months ago, City staff recommended some changes to parking orders – which is what makes “no parking” signs and other such traffic control items, possible. One of the requests that the City made was to install additional no parking signs on Parker Street due to concerns about fire truck access. Parker, and a number of other streets in that neighborhood, are more narrow than typical in the City.  We met informally with residents on Parker Street to determine if this would work and whether or not they thought it would be an improvement. They didn’t think it would work. We did it anyway (on a temporary basis). They haven’t worked at all.

Sometimes you know better than us. Just because, in theory, a government solution should work, doesn’t mean it will. This unfortunately, is a good example. We still don’t have a solution to our parking situation on Parker Street but we haven’t given up.

Our main concern is during big home football games and special events at the Bronner Performing Arts Center. Our attendance often exceeds parking capacity. In a lot of ways – that’s a good thing. It’s something to be proud of that our band concerts are almost at capacity in terms of parents and families attending. We want school parking lots to overflow during back to school events because that means we are an engaged community. But we also need to keep driveways open and keep people safe. We are  working on some alternatives – but we are not so proud as to admit that our preferred solution is not yet effective.  The temporary order expires in late October and we will meet with Parker Street  area residents again to plan our next step forward.

Do you have an idea as to how better handle this situation? Let me know.


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  1. Amanda says:

    What about only allowing parking on one side of the street? Would this give enough space for emergency vehicles?


    1. What we are testing is “no parking at any time” on the east side of Parker, adjacent to the school’s existing parking area. From what I’ve been told people mostly respected the signs – until the game started and I assuming people were in a hurry.


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