Last Friday things went sideways. I want to take a minute to say three things sincerely: I’m sorry, thank you and we need your help.

It has been a long weekend. The water advisory that was put into place was not something that we take lightly.  We know that it impacts business and your daily life. We only did it because our number one priority is ensuring the health, safety and public welfare of every resident and person in the City.  If there was anything that we could have done to prevent the situation, we would have done it. We are working hard to determine exactly what happened so that we can make sure it won’t happen again.

I want to say thank you. Residents and businesses were incredibly gracious and understanding. I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce, the Schools and our businesses. We know this was an important weekend for you. We appreciate all the extra work – even by those businesses served by the South Tower ( including  many large water customers) who worked to conserve water so we could minimize our impact.  It’s important to acknowledge Saginaw County 911 for sending out our emergency notifications; Birch Run and Blumfield Township who assisted with water connections and Bridgeport Township who offered help; and a special nod to Amanda at the City of Saginaw who worked our crisis into her holiday weekend. She helped facilitate our water testing so we could get up and running as soon as possible today.

Our staff works extremely hard.  From answering phones to working all weekend and coming up with some great solutions on the fly, I could not be prouder of the way they performed.  They do good work because they care about the City and everyone in it. If you happen to see them, please let me know I said nice things.

Finally, one of the things this experience brought to light is that we need to do better in terms of how to reach our residents and businesses in a time of crisis.  TV and news are effective but only if they share all the information. Social media has been pretty impactful – but only for those who use it.  The 911 notification is effective but only if you’re registered. Today few people have land lines and not everyone has cable. We need to be able to contact you –  So please register here.

We are open to suggestions. This is an opportunity for us to learn from a real life emergency. How better can we reach you and share information.  Let me know.


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