Luck favors the prepared.

Storm_DrainAfternoons like this are deceiving. It’s warm. There’s a breeze blowing. The sky is blue. And there is a flash-flood watch. I like to think that I am not an over-reactor. But I am probably an over-prepare-er. And I want you to be one too.

Tonight’s weather forecast looks dicey – especially the late evening. My advice as an over-prepare-er is this: First – if you’ve been putting off cleaning your gutters – now is probably the time to do it (well between now and 8:30 pm). While you’re outside if you could take a look at the catch basin in the street – the City would appreciate it. If you can sweep up and pick up any debris that has deposited there it will help us and your street. (That’s one of the purposes of the street sweeper but that’s a post for another day). The water has to go somewhere, and we’d rather it go down. If your yard waste is stored outside – make sure it’s in a can with a lid or move it where it won’t get wet. If yard waste bags weigh more than 50 pounds they won’t pick them up.

As of now the forecast calls for storms to arrive sometime after 9 pm but it’s Michigan, so you probably want to do the gutters sooner rather than later – don’t let the blue sky fool you.


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