Low Key – Local Party

We had a wildly successful event last night. It didn’t make the news. Thousands of people didn’t come. It’s not trending on social media. IMG_5556[1]I couldn’t be happier.

Last night, thanks to the work of the St. John’s Church, Police, Fire and Parks and Recreation Departments, the first “touch a truck” event was a success. It’s an event geared toward kids and families offering a low key way for kids to get up close and personal with everything from farming equipment to cranes to fire trucks to tow trucks and everything in between. It’s not unique. They have them in cities across Michigan – in fact there’s one in Midland this weekend. And that’s just what we wanted.

In a town that really knows how to throw a party, sometimes it’s nice to have a low key and small event. You’d be amazed at how hard that is to do in Frankenmuth. As I walked through the crowds last night I knew the majority of people. It was about as hometown-small town as you can get. And in true small town fashion, it was only possible because of all those businesses and groups who participated:
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Frankenmuth Police
Frankenmuth Fire
Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation
Frankenmuth School District
MMR Ambulance Service
Flight Care
Frankenmuth Insurance
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Mike Young Buick GMC
Schaefer and Bierlein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT
Shred Experts
Reinert and Bender Auto Repair and Towing Services
Weiss Equipment
McNally & Nimergood Crane Rental
Star of the West

Have any other ideas that you think would make good, low key community events? Or have ideas of what we could do better?  Let me know.


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