Summer Summer time…


It’s officially the first day of summer. Days are long. You actually see your neighbors out – washing the car, cutting the grass, going for walks. It’s one of my favorite times in Frankenmuth and it has nothing to do with the heat. It has everything to do with the “more” – the more interaction, the more talking to neighbors, more community.

Summer brings more employees to the City.  I really enjoy the seasonal employees that summer brings. These short-time employees are really valuable not just for the actual physical labor and work they produce in 90-some days but for their perspective.

I, of course, consider myself young, creative and incredibly witty. But even after only being on the job for only 18 months I find myself settling into a comfortable pattern.  In fact, I think our temporary/seasonal help is just the cure for the doldrums of summer.  Our younger, inexperienced and eager staff tends to ask those really hard and pesky questions. Those questions that seldom get asked in government – like “Why?”

If you see some of our seasonal staff out and about thank them for keeping us on our toes. Better yet, if you know people who will be at least 18, tell them the City has seasonal opportunities.  Have questions? Let me know.


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