We want you!

We-Want-YouAre you looking to fill your Tuesday evenings with stimulating discussion, lively debates about finance, forecasting and forward thinking? Think you have great ideas for what we could do in town? Always wanted to be a politician but didn’t want to be part of the Washington establishment? We have just the job for you! 

The City of Frankenmuth has an opening on City Council. On Tuesday, June 5, Mike Grossi resigned his seat due to his pending move to Frankenmuth Township. By Charter (the governing document the City has to follow), the City has 30 days in which to appoint an applicant to complete Mike’s term which runs through December 2018. (The official press release of Mike’s departure is here).

If you’ve ever considered the idea of seeking public office, this is a very low key way to test the waters. What do you have to do to start the ball rolling? First all applicants need to be 25 years or older and have lived within the City of Frankenmuth for the past two years. Still interested? Then keep reading.

The City Council would love to see applicants that are interested in seeking election this fall. Appointment will only guarantee the newly selected Council member the seat until December 31, 2018. To run in the November election residents would have to file a petition with the City Clerk no later than August 7, 2018. Seeking election to a full term is not a requirement but be aware that there is a strong desire to appoint someone who wants to serve a term longer than just a few months.

Applicants should be able to attend regularly scheduled City Council meetings on a routine basis. Regular meetings typically are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. Work sessions of Council are typically held during that same day but at 1 pm. City Council has acknowledged that the 1 pm meeting time could be problematic depending on job situations and so are very open to adjusting that time to the early morning or after 5 pm. There’s also a fair amount of reading, research and preparation for the meetings.

How do you get appointed? The first step is to complete the application and become familiar with roles and responsibilities of being a Council member. Applications will be accepted until Thursday, July 5 at 5 pm. Interviews will take place on Tuesday, July 10 beginning at 5 pm. A new member will be selected at the same meeting. The new council member will be sworn in and participate at the July 10, 7 pm meeting. So you should be sure to have July 10, 5 to 9 pm available on your calendar.

Still have more questions? So excited about the opportunity to shape your local community that you want to sit down and talk with me? Let me know and we can set up a time to talk, chat via email, skype, etc.



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