There’s a City not far from here that is conducting an “image survey.” I have some friends who shared their thoughts about the survey and their town.  Their comments weren’t all glowing but they were heartfelt and genuine.  Most importantly they, as residents, took the time to share what they thought could make their City better. coffeecupMy friends had real concerns and questions and – most concerning to me – they felt like they weren’t being listened to or considered.

And foolishly I thought to myself, thank God that’s not here. My door is always open. My City Council members are approachable and connected. But then I went to have a coffee this morning. I overhead some of those same things. There was a group of women and though I didn’t hear the whole conversation, the bits I heard were, “City Council…I don’t know why they did that. Why would they make that decision? It’s horrible for the City.”

I didn’t approach them. There was no way to do so without being a total eavesdropper and I didn’t want to ambush them while they were clearly having a private conversation. So instead, I’m reminding you that my door is always open. The only way to make ourselves great is to be open to constructive criticism. There is ALWAYS something we could be doing better, quicker, smarter. I am also here to let you know that although I think we are pretty smart, we don’t know it all. Tell us your ideas and thoughts on how to do it better – don’t just tell each other. We genuinely want to hear. You can find me in the office most days, or email me.


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