Once upon a time…

If you know me, chances are you know I’m not the hopeless romantic type. I don’t fancy myself the type of person who would need (or want ) rescuing. So I was as surprised as any one when (a long long time ago) I decided that I wanted to be a princess.

The ability to be just who you are is one of the best things about living in a small town. So in 1993, when I had the incredible fortune of being selected as the Frankenmuth Bavarian Princess I was thrilled. It’s funny when I look back on it now – a big part of that “job” was being an ambassador of the City. Telling people about our charm, our people, our City. Now as City Manager, I have the opportunity to do the same thing. Although I do spend more time problem solving and less time waving in parades and kissing babies.

This weekend the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival marks 60 years. It’s a momentous occasion and one that as a City, we should embrace. When I look back to my time as princess, I have some regal memories. Nothing though was better than walking through the festival and seeing my neighbors, high school teachers and people from church. It’s a festival – sure -a festival in a City that has a number of festivals. But this is our festival.

princess photo
Look at that hair! I did say it was the early 90s

Come out this weekend and be just who you are at the festival made for just who we are. 

Yes, I still have my crown. No, I don’t keep it at work. Have any other questions? Let me know. 


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