Mad props to us

Last week, the City of Frankenmuth hosted representatives from the City of Hastings for Mayor Exchange. The event is designed to help us learn first hand how communities of similar size tackle issues, address challenges and find solutions. We have always come away from a community learning something new. However, selfish as this sounds, my favorite part of the experience happens when we get to tour our city.

As we drove through the City (thanks to Zehnder’s who allowed us to use their vehicle and driver), our visitors commented on how well kept and beautiful our neighborhoods and homes are. They talked about the tree lined streets. As we toured the library our guests started taking pictures of the different activity packs that children can check out. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our town of 5,000 has amenities that even larger cities want to duplicate. Walking through the Frankenmuth Historical Museum, it was clear that our focus on community is older than the City itself. Frankenmuth is a special place to live and it’s easy to forget that as we go about our routines of everyday.

The visiting delegation from the City of Hastings, receiving a warm welcome at Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland.
With all the hustle of spring and getting ready for summer, it’s easy to forget to slow down and take a look around you. Go outside. Wave to your neighbors. Take in the great City you help make. You did this.

Think we could do things better? Let me know. 



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