Are weeds noxious, obnoxious or both?

noxious weedsBy definition a weed is any plant growing where it’s not desired. What I may pull out of my garden, you may cultivate. But what we are talking about here is less philosophical and more objective.

Each spring the City publishes a weed control public notice. This year it was published in the Frankenmuth News on May 2. Essentially the notice states that persons are prohibited from maintaining noxious (and probably obnoxious) weeds and growth of grass or other rank (I don’t have a synonym for that one) vegetation in excess of 12 inches on undeveloped property or six inches on developed property. Basically, if it’s the yard of your house, we are asking that you keep it cut to six inches or less. If you’re really into the details you can read the entire ordinance here.

There are exceptions for things like trees and wooded areas, flower and vegetable gardens, etc. We’re not monsters you know. Did we miss some obnoxious weeds in your neighborhood or do you have a good synonym for rank vegetation? Let me know. 


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