No one needs to bowl alone.

Volunteers moving lights
Volunteers help move truckloads full of donated Christmas decorations in July 2017 for the City Beautification Committee.

In 2001 Robert Putnam wrote a book  called “Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of the American Community.”  The book focuses on social capital. This is what makes it possible for people with different opinions to work together for the greater good.  When people stop acting and interacting with each other, there’s an impact on the greater community. You don’t have to read too far into the news to see a lot of examples.

It would be easy for our City to turn into a place where people pull into their garages and isolate themselves rather than a city where we talk to our neighbors on our front porch. One of the easiest ways to build and maintain social capital is to volunteer. And we need you! We are launching our volunteer program and we have our first opportunity on May 19.  Visit the City’s website to sign up and stay tuned as more opportunities will be listed.

Have an idea for a way to improve the City – or want to go bowling? Let me know.


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