White picket fences.


Some of the city’s youngest entrepreneurs. 

Yesterday, I saw this picture posted on the City’s Police Department Facebook page. It’s baseball and apple pie. It’s even a little Mayberry.   Neighborhoods where people look out for one another. It’s what we wanted when we decided to buy a house here.

I think it’s easy for us to say that we are blessed that Frankenmuth is safe and welcoming . That we are fortunate that it has a long and stable history. And that is absolutely true but it’s not just luck. We – all of us – work hard at maintaining that white picket fence.

There’s a saying that – if “you want always to have a white fence post, you must always be painting the fence post. If you want things to remain the same – you must then always be changing.” We are fortunate. But we all also work hard at adjusting, growing. Though it seems counter intuitive – our success is figuring out new ways to keep our City the City it’s always been. It’s the actions of people like Officer Neilson that help us do that. It’s all of us. Keep painting those fence posts.

Think there are things in town that need painting? Let me know.


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