Why the best government is local

Last week, the City of Frankenmuth hosted a dinner and invited all our government and local agency friends. It wasn’t my idea – it’s actually been happening for 30 years. (Let that sink in – since 1988 – that was the year “Die Hard” was released).  So for three decades, Frankenmuth Township, Birch Run Township, Birch Run Village, Bridgeport Township and the City of Frankenmuth (Taymouth Township joined the party a few years ago) have been meeting to share our latest struggles and triumphs. The group expanded to include the Saginaw County Road Commission, the Michigan Department of Transportation, our local elected officials ranging from Saginaw County Commissioners to State Senators.

No real work is done at the meetings. Decisions aren’t made. Connections are made. Trust is built. Relationships are developed. That’s what makes local government the best government. These communities that surround Frankenmuth – they’re our neighbors. When they thrive – we thrive.  At the end of the day, the City of Frankenmuth is just one player in the regioncooperation and we are all stronger together.


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