April showers bring…construction

Everyone has heard the joke that Michigan’s state shrub is the orange construction barrel. This will be the case this spring in Frankenmuth. One large construction project kicked off today- Monday, April 23 and the next starts Monday, April 30.

Excavators stage on Junction Road in advance of the transmission main replacement project.

If you travel down Flint Street or even just look over the Cass River toward the Fortress Golf Course you will notice heavy equipment at work. American Excavating, the City’s contractor, is working to install improvements to the City’s sanitary sewer system. Essentially these sanitary sewer improvements will guarantee that the existing sanitary sewer system can move waste to the waste treatment plant even if we get more commercial and residential growth in the future. It’s not a glamorous project but it’s an important part of being prepared. The bulk of the work will be completed over the next several weeks and then, due to testing requirements, connection and final completion will take place in the fall.

The project that will be far more noticeable is the installation of a 20″ transmission main on Junction Road. The project will stretch from Maple Road to Dehmel Road. This is the City’s main water source. The pipe has aged poorly due to corrosive soils in the area. The replacement will help guarantee Frankenmuth’s reliable and safe drinking water supply.  Once the project hits Dehmel Road, it will head south until Tuscola to replace a 12″ water main.

You will see some disruption as you travel these roads. Junction Road will be open to traffic but will use a traffic signal to allow one way traffic. If you’re a local and know your way around, I’m sure you’ll find an alternative. Suggested alternatives will be provided and a truck detour will be in place.  This project will be substantially complete by October.  The traffic light system will be removed Friday by 3 pm for the weekends. Have questions? Curious about other infrastructure? Email me or stop by and chat.


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